Editor In Chief, Content Strategist

Becca is a driven and determined dreamer; she loves tackling a good to-do list, thinking outside of the box, and brainstorming about new projects. She works full time leading and equipping worship leaders, getting creative about telling the story of Jesus, and helping others along their journey. Becca has a real knack for seeing the “gold” in others, investing in it, and making space for it to shine. Her heart beats for serving and growing the passion that God has placed in others! Becca carries vision, tells stories, and builds systems like nobody’s business. She’s the chief wordsmith here at KNOWN, leading our writing team and authoring and editing publications like our blog and podcast.

Even though she is almost always down for a spontaneous adventure and she loves to laugh, Becca is dedicated to her google calendar and cannot function without a color-coded to-do list. Outside of work tasks, you can find items like this on her schedule: reading time, deep condition/blow out hair (thick, curly haired girls know what this is about!), and reflect & journal. An avid musical theatre fan, songwriter, and enneagram 8, Becca is always up for a passionate discussion about the musical stylings of Pasek and Paul or a debate about the historical accuracy of Hamilton. Fun fact: In high school, Becca wrote a full-length album that combined the musical style of Taylor Swift (pre-1989 era) with the storyline of the musical Wicked. Also a fun fact: You will never ever find it.